Active kids

I’ve developed quite a passion for running in the past year and aside from the endorphins I get from a good run, I enjoy sharing that passion with my daughter. Living in the Atlanta area, we are so lucky to have the Atlanta Track Club that puts on quite a few kids events in conjunction with races for us adults, but also has a program called Kilometer Kids. Kilometer Kids involves a series of kids events around the Atlanta area that are free and the kids get a medal.  I know I like the bling, and so does my kid!  

She’s young enough that she doesn’t qualify for more than a dash with the ATC events, but we have done a Superhero 1k (cut to a 1/2k due to massive rain in a flooded park) Fun Run that benefited CASA and we even did a 5k together that benefited Victory Junction on a trip we had already planned to North Carolina last fall. She definitely likes the dashes more as I got a lot of “it’s so far” comments on the 5k, but she did it.  A lot more races, especially ones benefitting kids, seem to have shorter fun run distances.  Even if you’re not local, you can find great options to get the kiddos active.  And it doesn’t matter if they run, walk or do a combination of both. They are active and learning about fitness, which is a major win! 

Next up for us is the 2016 Be Healthy Festival on March 20 which coincides with the Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon weekend.  It looks like a lot of fun things will be going on with this and we also will be cheering on the marathoners and half marathoners! Anyone else want to join in?


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