With or Without You 5k – Dunwoody, GA – 2/13/16

My February started off with a bit of a challenge was I was supposed to run the Hearts and Soles 5k the weekend before, but a miserable sinus infection took over my body and I ended up at the minute clinic rather than running.  Being that I have a timed race goal for each month, I had to find another race to run. Once I found out the With or Without You 5k came with a finishers medal, I knew this would be my make up race. Sadly I didn’t think I would still be fighting off the sinus crud, but I was.

I did packet pickup on Thursday at Road Runner Sports which is a smaller chan of running stores. I felt like I was cheating on my favorite running store, West Stride, LOL. They gave me a box of chocolates, so this was another win!  I spent Friday afternoon getting my gear ready, especially given a predicted feel like temperature of 13 to start!

Luckily when I arrived at the race at Brook Run Park, it felt like 18 degrees!  I went through my pre-race prep, which included hacking up a lung this time around. I didn’t know how the course elevation was going to be other than it went down a park road, back and then around the perimeter of the park to finish.  I started off strong as it was a lot of downhills. Of course while I was enjoying the ease and speedy pace, I kept thinking I was going to have to go back up those hills!  Before the turn around, I knew where the first mile marker was, so that was good.  And I knew the turn around was close when I saw runners going the other direction.  What was funny was seeing the eventual race winner on the outer side of the course as I hadn’t even hit the first mile yet.

I plugged away back up the hills and made the water stop and then started the perimeter loop.  I was feeling pretty good considering and got some more downhills before the two mile mark. Pace had dropped, but was expected on those up hills.  I followed the scenic route enjoying the last mile. But wait, hills? Worse than before? Crap! Suddenly my tank was on empty, but the playground came into view so I knew I was getting close. And then I saw the third mile marker and picked it up going up the hill. I try to sprint the last tenth, but this felt like the longest tenth of a mile ever! I hope it was just the winding path that made it feel that way. I got my medal which was cute, and found a post race snack (banana muffin) and more water and was on my way. Official time was 40:39, which was my seventh fastest 5k, although way off from the PR I set last month. Given the circumstances, I’m not complaining, though.


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