May the Fourth Miler Be With You – Dunwoody, GA – 5/4/16

As if one Star Wars themed race wasn’t enough, I decided my May race was going to be one as well.  This time the distance is the all too rare four miles, which I enjoy running.  This race was done through the Five Star NTP group that does a lot of local races, but I was new to running one of their races. Before the race started, I was far from impressed.  I knew where in Brook Run Park to find them thanks to the course map, but others were very confused as to where the check in was due to lack of signage from park entrances.  For a company that does a lot of races, you would expect signage.  And the start was nowhere close to the park restrooms, so one would expect porta potties, right?  Not a single one.  I ran a race in February at the same park set up near the bathrooms and they had a lot of porta potties.  And the timing was not a chip attached to our bib, but an ankle strap.  Luckily, my family found me and soon it was time to start and focus on a good run.  

It was a slight advantage knowing the park after having run another race there.  It started on an uphill, which was fine as I knew t would finish on the downhill.  After the initial excitement of the start, I made it up that hill and started the first of two loops around the park.  The loops were the opposite direction of my February race, so the hills I hated were my friends.  As I looped past the playground, my loves were cheering me on.  The downhill kept going and I took advantage getting a fast start.  Soon, it was time to loop back around and the uphill felt more slow and steady rather than steep.  I knew if I could finish the loop I was halfway as RunKeeper was way ahead and the only mile marker I had seen was for mile 3 which I knew was only for lap two! Mile 2 ended up being there, but I had missed it the first time around.  The good news is I was only lapped by five guys (haha) before I started lap two. After making it halfway, I still had to fight a little bit more uphill and as I passed the playground, I told my hubby I felt like I was going to die.  I was definitely pushing hard and the downhills were very welcomed.  On this lap I passed and was passed back by Rey, I struggled to pass another woman who was run/walking and passed a mother/kid duo.  Let me tell you that hill coming back was more rough in lap two.  Soon I made it and I started flying down the hill to the finish.  I had passed Rey and the mom/kid by now, but as I passed the other woman, I encouraged her telling her she had this.  And as I made the final turns, I tried to pass two more people, but they realized it was time to kick it into gear.  

And then I was done, setting a PR, now at I have a second four miler race in the books.  We got a small finisher medal which was cool and I ended up earning my virtual The Fourth Awakens medal as well.  Now that I’ve had time to settle in, what I thought was a pretty cool race shirt, as it was Star Wars font, has little bursts of color on a black shirt and didn’t have ads, ended up not being so much as the bursts make the shirt scratchy to my skin.  Oh well.  I probably will have to be very invested in the charity to run another race with this group, but I did enjoy getting my four miles in.  



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