Motivation Monday – Pace

As someone still relatively new to the sport of running, this article really spoke to me since I fall into that category that most would consider slow.  My PR 5k isn’t even less than a 12 minute mile pace.  Now that I’m adding 10ks into the mix, my pace is even slower than that.  Like the runner in the article, you may ask why I’m even doing this if I’m so slow?  I’ll tell you why. I do this for me because I like the challenge.  There is no better feeling than pushing yourself and realizing you can do this no matter how many time you may ask yourself why during a run.  I can tell you there have been plenty of times I’ve asked myself why during a run, but I can’t say I have ever regretted completing a run.  And seeing the improvements I’ve made when it comes to running up hills without needing a walk break? It’s simply amazing,

 Which brings me to my next point. I love the endorphins.  That post exercise feel of hard work and pushing yourself to your limits?  It’s real and it’s amazing.  Sure I can get them in my cross training, with the Combat and Pump workouts, but I feel great after a good run, or even a bad one, too.  I also love feeling strong.  If I let myself get lost in comparisons, I would never know how strong I am and how I’m only getting stronger as my training progresses.  Too many people look at what others achieve and think they can’t do it because they can’t be as good when they are missing out on bettering themselves.

Running races is a fun experience and I’m addicted.  I’d do more than one race per month if time and money were no object. You’re getting together with people of different ages and levels and trying to make it to the finish line in your fastest time. It is motivating, especially when you know the run won’t be your best or close to it because you won’t give up knowing other people are out there and maybe struggling, too.  Those “bad” races will make the amazing and PR races that much sweeter!

 I want to inspire people to do this for them!  There are going to be people inspired that can easily beat me and there are going to be others that struggle.  I want to celebrate everyone who is finding their fitness, no matter what the pace or race length. Some people are going to be more intimidated and those are the ones I hope continue because it’s already not easy to get past the intimidation factor.

 I want to be a good example for my daughter.  I want to show her you can be strong and have fun with something even if you aren’t winning awards or getting close to winning awards.  I want her to know she’s capable of anything she puts her mind to.

Now it’s summer and that brings warmer weather and a slower pace. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still trying to improve my pace in the 5ks, but my top races are in the colder weather and I’d be shocked if I PR on anything but my 10k, which is only because a 15+ minute mile is abnormally slow for me. I’m working speed training into my workouts, but I am realistic that my improvement will likely be consistently finishing 5ks in under 40 minutes over the summer.  That’s my challenge and we will have to see if my body can handle the heat and humidity so I can make it happen.


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