Injury update – end of week 1

It’s official – I was diagnosed with a metatarsal stress fracture one week ago tomorrow.  Take my advice folks, pain in the top of your foot should be checked out ASAP and don’t run a 5k on it like I did.  I’ve got a follow up appointment on October 25 (6 weeks from my first visit) and I’m definitely counting down the days.  

The doctor seemed to think a walking boot was excessive, but after being scared to put weight on my foot. I ended up with a walking boot by the end of day 3.  I am assistant coaching my daughter’s soccer team and it made practice so much better. Besides, friends with similar injuries and my chiropractor thought a boot was the best thing to help me rest.  After all, how do I avoid walking when I’m a mom and I work an office job where it’s a good hundred steps to the bathroom?

I’m working on trying to stay as active as I can, but the end of last week got to me.  I was stressing on getting work stuff done before vacation and then packing for vacation ended up taking more time, too.  I did sell paper dolls three times last week at my daughter’s school for a great cause.  The sale proceeds go to children’s cancer charities and the dolls will go to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta patients.  Some of the completed dolls were amazing.  

Back to trying to stay active, I did a yoga workout that only had a few items I had to modify.  You quickly realize things like downward dog won’t work right now.  I also did my upper body only tracks in body pump.  I’ve debated whether I can do some of the leg work, aisle from the lunges, of course.  But then I’m not sure even with squats being with weight in the heels and with no weight if that would help or hurt.  I still can think of other legs exercises that aren’t standing that probably are better.

I’m on vacation at the beach this week, throwing off my normal schedule, but our rental house has a small pool and I was able to swim some late this morning .  My shoulders are definitely feeling the workout now as swimming isn’t usually part of my cardio rotation.  It felt good to get the heart rate up.  I packed my yoga mat, so I’m definitely getting some yoga in this week.  And the internet has some great workouts out there, so I’ll be looking for things there, too.  

I’ve definitely gotten over the defeated feeling of last week after hearing from fellow runners coming back from stress fractures.  This is likely ending my quest for a race every calendar month (I’m definitely out for my 10k on October 15, but I hope to volunteer at it), but I’ve done 12 timed races already, so that should count for something.  Maybe 2017 will be the year for a race each calendar month.  Besides, I have survived one week down and only five more to go (hopefully) until the comeback trail begins.


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