Injury update – two weeks down, four to go!

I survived a week at the beach in a walking boot.  Did I mention our house was three stories with the top floor being the living/dining area?  I probably still have some sand in my boot once I realized it was easier to wear the boot on the sand, but I’m good with that.  I got in another swim after a night at Owen’s, the restaurant with the best seafood on the beach, and a couple of good yoga sessions, but I did have a day off in there.  Let me just say I now understand why swimmers have such amazing shoulders as mine were on fire after twenty minutes in the pool.  Doing simple things like walking up and down the stairs or walking across the street to the beach weren’t as easy, so my trip was nowhere near as active as I wanted it to be, but my steps were still down (on days that had full steps, see more on that below) from the prior week when I was hobbling around the office.  So I did get some rest!  But, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was jealous of all the walks the kiddo went on and all the runners I saw passing by as I sat out on the balcony.

My steps were artificially down for a few days as I managed to kill my Fitbit Flex during my Monday swim.  Apparently, despite multiple wearings into the pool, lake and ocean, it’s not swim proof when doing laps like I was.  Oops.  The poor thing looked like it charged on Tuesday night when I realized it was dead, but then it still didn’t work, so I knew it was time for an upgrade.  An unplanned upgrade is never a good thing when the only retailer on the Outer Banks selling Fitbit products was the dreaded Wal-Mart.  I convinced my hubby to make the trek up the beach and I lucked out as they had the Blaze in my size with the plum band I had been eyeing online.  So far, I’m loving it as it does way more than my Flex did.  The Flex was an amazing Fitbit for starting out and having no tracker whatsoever, but I have been wanting more.

The Blaze is a watch and I’m loving the stopwatch and countdown features as it is helping make sure I hold stretches for a proper amount of time.  Stretching is my biggest daily focus right now as the time off from running is time to get this tight IT band worked out.  Not that the walking boot helps it, which is why it’s a huge focus right now.  My hip and leg get sore when I walk too far or too fast.  It also counts floors climbed and for now I can look at it and laugh at how many times I’ve dragged myself and the boot up the stairs.  I can not wait until I’m out there walking and running hills to see how those stack up compared to the stairs in my house.

The Blaze also includes workouts with FitStar which are on the go body weight workouts.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope to at least see what it involves in the next week.  I am super excited to see what happens when I hit my 10k daily step goal, but that likely will not happen until after I’m cleared to walk.  I am supposed to be resting the foot, after all, and my max since the rest has been just over 7k.  Apparently laundry and baking and a few errands added up on Sunday.  But I did drive the cart around Publix and I only managed to run into something (shelves, not another human being) only once.

My biggest challenge is diving back into my crazy schedule and coming up with a good workout plan as it’s Tuesday and I still have not done that.  I need to get on that so I can give a good report from week three.  Let’s hope the other 2/3 of this time off goes as quickly as the first 1/3 did!


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