Woah, halfway there (I hope) – injury update

Technically, I’m just past three weeks out and I’m missing running so much, but I’m closer to running than not running and that is something to celebrate!  I haven’t made much progress in my goals for this time, but I am still getting my daily stretches in.  I hate making excuses, but work has made me so tired and I’ve been slacking on doing anything fitness.  Something has to give on that front, but that’s another story.  

I did do Combat last Thursday night doing only the upper body tracks sitting down and it bumped my steps for the day to 8,884 when I was probably as closer to 6,000.  Yay upper body work and having a Fitbit on my wrist.  It was tougher than I expected as those leg tracks help with the tired arms.  I missed the power of the kicking a lot!

I’ve also managed to complete some virtual races via the Fitbit adventures. I had already done three Yosemite adventures prior to my injury break, but the New York City marathon adventures came out in the meantime and so far I’ve done the 5k, 10 miles and I’m working on the marathon.  I love seeing virtual checkpoints and now I want to run in New York!  I hope more things are released because it will be extra motivation once I’m able to try to get to my 10k step goal again.  And I hope that in less than three weeks I’ll actually know how the Blaze celebrates the 10k goal!

I’m just so glad I’m now on the downhill side of this injury break.  


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