Injury update – one more week…I hope

One week from now I will have had my follow up on my foot.  Believe me, I’m ready as I’m sick of the boot.  I tested out the foot this morning and it actually hurt a little and felt weird to take steps on.  I’m hoping that’s just because I’ve been off of it for five weeks now and it isn’t used to bearing weight.  At least that’s what it better be.

I’m ready to get back to moving like a normal person again.  I’ve been a total slacker in the workout department after having a sore shoulder after field trip day two weeks ago, so I haven’t done upper body pump at all.  And then last week was jam packed with soccer, kid homework, book signings, and Girl Scout meeting stuff, so I was exhausted and I made excuses to skip out on yoga. And then the migraine drama started Thursday and continued on through last night.  Basically, I had a terrible migraine Thursday night that came back Friday night and it decided to rage back making Saturday the most miserable day.  I then never ended up totally pain free until this morning.  

I’m still dragging from that, but plan to do some yoga in a bit.  On Saturday, I spectated the race I was supposed to run and that was an eye opening experience and helped with the “I can’t run” blues perspective.  More to come on that later.  It’s not too late to start to get back in the swing of things for when I have full use of my foot next week.  Until then, the boot has one last trip, the NASCAR race at Talladega.  


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