Injury update – rehab road

After a long day of more walking than I should have done at Talladega last week, I gave up on the boot after we got back to the car post race.  That night actually was the six week mark of no activity and since my doctor didn’t require the boot, I figured I would be okay to try walking on two feet again.  I found out at my appointment on Tuesday morning that the weird feeling of walking was normal as I did get used to dealing with the boot.  My x-rays confirmed I did have a stress fracture that healed, so my six weeks off was not for nothing.  I was officially cleared to start walking normally, told that I needed a week or two of normal walking before attempting walking for exercise, but I could do stuff not impacting the foot.  And running will be based on listening to my body after those two to three weeks.

I was so excited the first night because I was actually able to easily kick the ball around the soccer field at my daughter’s practice (I am a left foot kicker, and my right foot was injured) and I did 30 minutes of full body combat minus any high impact items.  I really did take it easy on my foot, but I was more sore than expected the next morning, so maybe that was a little more than what I should have done, although I took it as lightly as I could.  I had planned on Pump on Wednesday doing legs without weights, but I woke up with a terrible sore throats that may have been a blessing in disguise as it limited my comeback to basic walking.  I’ve been pretty miserable sinus-wise, especially this weekend, but the foot felt good helping set up the 5k course at my daughter’s school for the PTA fundraiser.  

It’s been a week out of the boot and today is the first day I’ve felt close to normal.  I’ve had to walk in shoes, even around the house, and I’ve been able to walk barefoot at times today before feeling soreness.  I still am sore walking down the stairs, but there has been significant improvement.  I definitely feel like it will be closer to the end of the second week before I walk for exercise and then I hope to begin my training program on November 14 for the Hot Chocolate 15ke on January 22.  I will definitely be doing run walk intervals to ensure I can get training in, hopefully injury free.  My first goal is to do the Atlanta Track Club Thanksgiving 5k, but I’m holding off on signing up until I know running is a possibility.  

I’m hopeful that my comeback has begun and now I just need to kick this sinus crud to the curb so I can exercise again!  


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