Friday Five -Five Running Playlist Songs

While I’ve been on my injury hiatus from running, I’ve been wanting to spend time on my running playlist.  While I know some who don’t need music for running, I’m not one of those people.  Music has been a huge part of my life and it extends into motivation in my running life.  While I have not made the progress on adding to the playlist, I do have a list of five songs that will likely never leave the playlist.  In no particular order:

Change your Mind by Sister Hazel

Sister Hazel is my favorite band and a huge reason I am where I am right now. This song is one of those reasons as I went through a rough period and this song on repeat got me past whatever was holding me back. I met my husband through the band’s message boards way back when and now that we have a kid we ask lead singer Ken Block how many kids he’s indirectly responsible for?  This song has quite a few versions, all of which are on the playlist, that I love for what they offer.  The original recording comes from Fortress and is the song that was blasted on repeat.  I adore the Live Live intro (and the fact I was front row for the show the recording came from) and Before the Amplifiers (also in the super small audience after entering a bazillion times in a DaveFM contest), but I’m extra motivated by the 20 Stages version.  Recorded at the Swamp at the University of Florida, another special place for me, it’s the version that jumps right in and puts the quote “it’s not your life, but how you choose to look at your life” right there.  If I’m struggling during a run, this song gets me focused and motivated again.

Change Your Mind

Giants by Matt Nathanson

This song was an early favorite from Matt Nathanson’s 2015 release, Show Me Your Fangs and has become a huge favorite when it comes up during a run.  The chorus just is perfect on getting me moving during a run:

The world don’t speak for us

They lack the confidence

Yeah, we’re only hearts and bones and blood

Oh, but we are giants


This song reminds me that no matter what my speed, I am doing amazing things.  For someone who says he has very few positive songs, I’ll take this one, since it’s not a super slow song and it makes me want to run faster.


Our Time by Melodime

There is one lyric in here that jumps out at me the most:  But you don’t know about resistance, Until you’re fighting the doubt away.  Sounds like good motivation as a runner, right?  I tend to love this song even more when it pops up early in the race as is reminds me not to let things pass me by.  

Our Time

Let It Go by Indina Menzel

If you’ve read through this post so far, you’re probably scratching your head at this song after three rock songs.  Let’s just say I went through a pretty rough time in my job right after Frozen came out.  After listening to it a lot with the kid, I realized it has a great message about not caring what people will say and it was something that I loved that summer and when I started running this was a playlist no brainer.  It still evokes the strength I had to get through those times and even now as a slow runner.

Let It Go

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson

This song was up there on the Strong Girl playlist and a no brainer for a running playlist.  Running is definitely a what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger thing and this song continues to motivate.



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