Medal Monday – 2016 year end recap edition

Total medals earned in 2016 – 13 (3 10k, 1 4 miler, 4 5k, 2 other/untimed, 3 virtual 5ks)

Medal that doubled as jewelry – The Atlanta Women’s 5k medal was extra special this year as there was a removable charm in the center of the medal.  Needless to say, I have bling that I wear pretty often.

Medal earned with injury and exact same medal my kid earned – The Rise Up and Run 5k (aka the Falcons run ) where I did a 5k with a metatarsal stress fracture and the kid got the same medal for her dash.  Yes, her medal says 5k on it.

Medal with the most sparkle – The One Bad Mother Runner Virtual 5k medal.  I had been avoiding virtual races, but this medal begged me to earn it.

Medal that was most satisfying to earn – Thanksgiving 5k wins this as it my first post stress fracture medal.

Medal with the most force/geek – My tie fighter Star Wars 10k medal wins this category easily. 

Favorite medal – Hands down, it’s the Orlando United 5k medal I earned virtually.  This medal represents being lucky enough to run 3.1 when 49 others will not have that chance.  As a former resident of the City Beautiful, I was heartbroken when I woke up that Sunday morning to the news of the shooting at Pulse.  We had plans to attend the Braves game that afternoon and the moment of silence for Orlando nearly broke me.  By mid-week, word was out on social media that there would be a 5k with a virtual option.  Less than two weeks after that horrible night, I ran my 5k at the same time people were running the actual race in Orlando.  The outpouring of support from the running community was tremendous with this race as the Final Mile Race Management team were able to announce that over $100k was raised, beating the Orlando Magic’s donation.  And still more people continued to sign up virtually.  Getting my shirt and medal in the mail took a long time and it was because so many people supported this event.


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