2017 goals

Looking back at my 2016 goals (done before I had a blog), I accomplished all but three goals.  The three that didn’t happen were run a timed race every month (thanks a lot, stress fracture!), run a 5k in less than 35 minutes and lose weight.  My goal in 2017 is to stay healthy and not deal with injury that should help me make that race every month goal.  As for the sub 35 minutes 5k and losing weight, both go hand in hand.  I’ll admit I love food.  I really really love food.  I know that nutrition is 80% of what leads to weight loss.  I know that if I lose weight, I’ll not only be healthier, but it will give me a better chance to be a faster runner.  I also know I’m much better off remembering moderation and I won’t beat myself up if I need a glass of wine or if I have a cookie every now and then.  

I’m starting off on the right foot with running a 4 mile race and I’ll do my first day of 31 days of Yoga Revolution.  I’m still trying to take it easy as I’ve been dealing with tendinitis in my ankle of the foot with the stress fracture.  Once I get through my 15k (3 weeks from now I should be asleep ready for the big day), I’m going to rest and do fewer miles and get some more low impact cardio in so I can make my goals for this year happen pain free.  I’ve got even bigger goals this time around!

-Run a timed race each calendar month (third year is the charm, right?)

-Run two untimed fun runs

-Run a race with the kiddo

-Set a PR in a distance I’ve already run

-Set a PR on a repeated race course

-Beat a 12 minute mile pace in a 5k, 14 minute mile pace in a 10k and/or a 13 minute mile pace in a 4 miler.  Any of these would be a PR, and my current PRs are so close to this pace in the 5k and 10k, so it’s possible.

-Run a sub 35 minute 5k. This seems the most out there goal as it would cut 2:25 off my PR, but I’m hoping to push myself once I get the tendinitis under control and can focus on getting faster.

-Finish a 15k, 10 miler, and a half-marathon.  I’m hoping early year rest/low mileage will pay off later in the year as the latter two distances will be completed as part of the Triple Peach as of now.

-Hike another waterfall trail.

-Get in a yoga, pump and combat workout at least weekly.  

-Finish Yoga Revolution on time.

-Weigh less at the end of 2017 than I did at the end of 2016.  

-Attend some group runs.  Once I get the tendinitis under control, I need to be more social and challenge myself as I’m scared my pace will be slower than anyone else.  I realize I won’t get better unless I have this challenge.  And being social in person can sometimes be a challenge for me when it comes to new people as I feel more introverted the older I get.

-Get a high five along each race course and give some kind of encouragement to someone who needs it.  High fives make me happy and I’m going to seek them out more, especially in smaller races.  And since I’m a back of the pack runner, I often see the same faces going past me and me passing them and this going on for a good part of the race.  A simple word of encouragement would mean the world to me, so I want to share that with others.

-ETA 1/2/17 – run, walk or hike 365 miles.  I was on track for a mile a day in 2016, but the stress fracture happened.  

Happy new year and may 2017 be an amazing year. What kind of goals do you have for 2017?


2 thoughts on “2017 goals

    1. I have really been enjoying it. I haven’t done much other than yoga for runners and yoga for anxiety since I finished 30 days of yoga last summer. I was late to that party by a year. I’m enjoying all the stuff I hadn’t been doing in the runner/anxiety videos.


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