Tunes Tuesday – Motivation Music

(WordPress does not want to put the correct date on this!) It’s Tunes Tuesday and I’m linking up with KookyRunnerRun Steff Run and Run With No Regrets.  Today’s topic is motivation music.  The number one motivational song on my running playlist is Change Your Mind by Sister Hazel.  I have six versions of this song on my playlist and while I love each version, the 20 Stages version gets me moving like no other version does.  It was recorded at the Swamp (aka Steve Spurrier Field), so this holds a special place in my Gator heart.  It’s one of the best versions mainly because lead singer Ken Block intros the song with the simple phrase “it’s not your life, it’s how you choose to look at your life.”  Just substitute run for life.

This song has been a huge part of getting through the rough times in my life and it often comes on exactly when I need it during a run.  I was pushing hard through a 4 mile race on New Year’s Day and this song came on at one of the moments I needed it the most.  The chorus, which I now own on a t-shirt after all these years, is simple and amazing all at the same time.

If you want to be somebody else,

If you’re tired of fighting battles with yourself

If you want to be somebody else

Change your mind

My favorite part of the song comes later when “if you’re tired of fighting battles” becomes “losing battles.”  One of my favorite things about music is the lasting power as CYM is 16 years old now.  Change Your Mind motivates me.  What song motivates you?


3 thoughts on “Tunes Tuesday – Motivation Music

  1. Great choice! I’ll have to check out the various versions of the song. I love how music can motivate us and inspire us, one of my favorites is Not Afraid by Eminem. Thanks so much for joining us for Tunes Tuesday! 🙂


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