Tunes Tuesday – Pump Up Music

Today is Tunes Tuesday and I’m linking up with Kooky Runner, Run Steff Run and Run With No Regrets for today’s topic, pump up music.  Today’s pump up music is courtesy of New Orleans based band, Cowboy Mouth, with the song Jenny Says.  This song is one of their many high energy live performances on my running playlist.  It’s the other “let it go” on my playlist.

Cowboy Mouth puts on an amazing live show, led by lead singer and drummer, Fred LeBlanc, who expects full crowd participation.  If you go to a show and are willing to let it go and jump, scream and act like a five year old, you will leave with a lot less stress and a pretty good workout.  When it comes to running, Jenny Says pumps me up and makes me want to move just a little bit faster.

What songs pump you up?



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