Tunes Tuesday – Current Favorites

It’s Tunes Tuesday and I’m linking up with KookyRunnerRun Steff Run, and Run With No Regrets and this week’s topic is current favorites.  My current favorite that I can’t get enough of is Melodime.  Music and running are therapy to me and Melodime has been providing therapy on both fronts, especially as I ran my first 15k this past weekend.  Melodime also gives back as their albums have been fully fan funded, so all profits go to Now I Play Along Too, which provides musical instruments and education for orphans, victims of disasters, and underprivileged kids locally and around the world.

I got to see them live a few weeks ago and it was a much needed evening away from it all and it just renewed how much I love their music.  Halo has been one of favorites lately and it came up in the last 5k of my race this past weekend and helped give me an extra push when I needed it.  The chorus just gets me moving a little bit faster:

I lift my head just like you said

I dust off my halo

I feel the beat beneath my feet

And I hear the echo

Our Time has been on my running playlist and the longest and this performance also makes me miss The Rock Boat, a music cruise I used to do each year before I had a kid.  The chorus here is a big reason why it’s been on the running playlist so long:

On and on and on and on the world goes

If we don’t try it’ll pass us by

Taking all that we now

And on and on and on and on my heart goes

And I won’t fall without a fight

‘Cause this is our time

Yeah this is our time

It’s a reminder that each run is my time and while some days are a fight, it’s always my time.  My time to get better, my time to enjoy peace or just my time.

Outlaws has been a fun, recent add to the playlist.  With a chorus that includes the following:

So turn it up loud now

It’s about shaking up this town

Break a few rules, let your hair down

Come on, let’s shake it up right

It’s a reminder that it’s necessary and okay to have fun and I don’t need to be serious about everything.  What music is a part of your current favorites?


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