Goal update – January

Yes, I know it’s a week into February already and I’m just now getting to this.  The first week of the month is always a super crazy month with work and then I had to finish my Hot Chocolate recap, too.  Things were also super crazy two weeks ago when my husband finally went to the doctor after complaining about not feeling right over the previous weekend.  It turns out he had been experiencing a minor heart attack due to a 90% blockage.  He had a second stent in and has properly been scared into living a healthier lifestyle, so there may be more mentions of this in the blog going forward.  Goodness knows, I can benefit from healthier meals and joining him on his walks that he’s currently approved to do.

Onto the January update, though.  I ended January 32.64 miles into my 365 miles goal.  28.64 miles of these were running miles and 4 were walking miles.  12.3 of the running miles were race miles including a PR in a 4 miler (goal checked!) and completing my first 15k (another goal checked).  I can cross January off my timed race list as well as getting high fives and giving encouragement somewhere along the way in at least one race.  My biggest highlight was completing my 15k in under a 14 minute mile pace.  That was a goal I set for a 10k this year and I did it with an extra 3.1 miles.  I’m hoping that I can see improvements in my two repeat 10ks this year.  Hopefully the Peachtree won’t be as hot this year and I know I’ll have better training before the Sizzler.

The after effects of my 15k were a very sore knee, which is finally feeling a bit better after some time off, and oddly enough after a slow two mile run this past weekend.  I don’t feel the ankle soreness as much right now, either, but I’m still planning to take February a lot easier in terms of running with only one race, a 5k, on the schedule.  February is all about recovery for me.

I need to improve on getting my pump and combat workouts in.  I was feeling like utter crap MLK weekend, the week before the Hot Chocolate, so I didn’t get in pump and combat workouts that for that week or the week when the hubs spent two days in the hospital.  I also need to improve on my eating as my weight has just been maintained this month.  I’m a stress eater and it reared it’s ugly head when I was going between home, hospital, getting the kiddo to school and Girl Scouts and still working throughout it all.  It would have been nice to take a day off in all of that, but the joy of working in a very low staffed department means no backup.  At least I maintained and it didn’t keep spiraling, though.

On a good note, I finished Yoga Revolution in 31 days.  I did have two days I took a day off and doubled up on two other days, but I got it done on time.  As someone with super tight muscles and someone who suffers from anxiety, doing this 31 day yoga journey was one of the best things I ever could have done for myself to start the year.  I was able to make time for myself daily and take a lot into my daily life.  I have horrible posture, but now, just by starting most days in a seated position being aware of the lift, I’m noticing it and trying to correct my posture in every day life.  Pushing through these yoga workouts daily was a great thing and I hope to do another one of Adriene’s series in April.  I haven’t done Yoga Camp from last year and I did 30 Days of Yoga spread out over months, but I feel like I need this daily reminder.  If you haven’t tried Yoga with Adriene, I highly recommend her videos.  I love her Yoga for Runners video and do this one quite often as it stretches areas I didn’t know I could stretch before that.

While I’m not 100% on track, I feel like I did a decent job with making progress towards my 2017 goals.  What are your goals and if you set any for 2017, how are you doing after a month?


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