February goal update

So far, I’m showing the world (or at least a few people) I’m terrible at updating my monthly goal post within a few days of the end of the month.  This month being sick at the end of February and beginning of March combined with the NASCAR weekend are my excuses.  But, I’m getting it done now and that’s what counts, right?

I completed 28.17 miles in February, but due to the fact I dialed back running mileage, only 8.49 were run miles, while 19.78 were walking and .9 were hiking.  After keeping the running super light, I’m happy to report my ankle is feeling much better.  I finally feel like March will be the month to add back running mileage, especially now that I’m over being sick.  I am super excited that of my walking miles, almost 12 of them were with the hubby (and the kiddo most of the time).  He’s taking his health seriously and I’m joining him on his walks when my schedule allows.  It’s definitely a nice change to be able to get some workouts in and with him.

The kiddo had a week long break from school and my work schedule allowed me to take a couple days off and we ended up in Helen and completed the short, but steep, hike to Anna Ruby Falls to see the waterfalls, so check that off the 2017 goal list.  The path is less than half a mile, but it’s pretty steep in parts, so I was very proud to complete this as a family.  Less than a month from my hubby’s heart attack and he was tackling things that I know he wouldn’t have been able to do nearly as easily before.  In 2018, my new waterfall will definitely be a longer hike, and who knows, I may still visit another one this year, but it was a good fitness test for the family.

I wasn’t able to cross off any 5k goals with my February race, but my next 5k in just over two weeks is a repeat course, which is the first repeat course of the year, and I have a goal to PR a repeat course.  I’ve since started upping my run walk intervals from 30-30 to 45-30 and I’ve been pushing a little harder at my pace.  Breaking a 12 minute mile has been very elusive to me and with this fresh start, I’m determined to push myself.  After the Hot Chocolate 15k when I merely hoped to maintain a 15 minute mile pace and I broke a 14 minute pace, I know it’s possible to do things you never believed you could.  I completed a three mile run tonight at a 12:36 average pace with negative splits and my last mile was 11:56! It is possible, but I have to string together a couple more of those.  It says I’ve got a ways to go, so I’m going to keep trying to get there.

I’ve got big goals about getting back into a running routine along with my combat, pump and yoga cross training.  I signed up for the Peachtree Road Race last week along with the other two races of the Triple Peach series, the Atlanta 10 miler and the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half Marathon.  I know it’s way too early to start training for the later races, but I’m looking forward to getting my mileage up for the Peachtree.

What goals have you met recently or are you working towards a goal?


2 thoughts on “February goal update

    1. Thanks! This 5k is an especially hilly course even for Atlanta, so while this may be a stretch for my PR/12 minute pace goal, I think a course PR is definitely doable.


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