Tunes Tuesday – Pump Up Music

It’s Tunes Tuesday and I’m linking up with Kim at Kooky Runner, Steff at Run Steff Run and Janelle at Run With No Regrets.  Today’s topic is pump up music and one of my favorites is Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.  I remember this song coming in during my first 5k just after I had conquered a long, steep uphill and this song got me running again when I didn’t really want to.  

I’m also one of those people who don’t get all the hate for Taylor Swift.  I have a daughter and I’d be happy if she followed some of the advice Taylor has thrown out there.  She’s been a positive role model and provided a great pump up jam when needed.

What songs pump you up on a run?


3 thoughts on “Tunes Tuesday – Pump Up Music

  1. I haven’t heard Shake it Off in a while…this is definitely one of my favorite TSwift songs. I’m not a huge fan of her as a person but she seems to be great to her fans! The episode about Taylor on Family Guy was hilarious LOL.


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