March goal update

March was all about ramping back up the running and attempting to push myself harder.  I ended up logging 32.06 miles in March – 19.12 running and 12.94 walking.  I came within a mile of beating my January total mileage.  I’m hoping to beat that in April.

I got some inspiration and realized with all the pushing for distance after my stress fracture to 15k whirlwind that I wasn’t focused on pace at all.  Obviously, I was just happy to finish.  Since taking time for a reset of sorts, I realized I’m never going to get over the 12 minute mile pace unless I push myself harder.  My fastest mile of the month was in one of these first training runs on March 8.  I did three miles at a 12:36 pace, with my last mile being 11:56.  I finally saw an 11 in my pace that wasn’t indicating seconds!  It is possible, but I’ve got to keep pushing to string them all together.  My fastest overall pace was 12:29 for my two mile “easy” run before the Atlanta Women’s 5k and I ran the second mile at a 12:02.  Not bad for an “easy” run.

My worst run of the month was my three miles on my comeback with the more hilly route.  I had a 13:33 pace for three miles and the run just felt horrible.  Bad runs do exist and they make the good runs that much better.  My first attempt at a four mile run since the Hot Chocolate that also followed the hilly route was faster and didn’t feel nearly as terrible.

March also brought my first repeat course of 2017 and while I went in knowing a PR would be a lot to ask for, I knew a course PR was possible.  Despite starting out way too fast, I shaved 15 seconds off my Atlanta Women’s 5k Sutton Middle course from last year getting a course PR.  What is interesting to me is how last year I ran this with no walk breaks and this year, I’m an interval runner.  I definitely think I’ve become a better runner since running intervals.  I’m still at 45:30, but I’m going to increase the 45 seconds to a full minute this month.  I definitely think this will help meet my running goals.

Have you had any running wins lately?


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