#TeamSparkle Virtual 5k

It seems these days, virtual runs with medals are everywhere. While I wish I could run all of them for the medals, it’s just not affordable, so I have to be wowed by the medal or the cause.  I love in person races for the challenges and comraderie, but I admit that virtual runs challenge me in a different way.  I know lots of people motivated by virtual runs to just start moving and I’m so happy to see that because any miles are better than no miles.

This time around, the virtual race to capture my attention was Sparkle Athletic‘s virtual 5k.  The medal is pink and sparkles and came with a real race bib.  But the cause captured my attention the most.  The mission of #TeamSparkle was to raise money and awareness for Rett Syndrome and the non-profit Girl Power 2 Cure.  I certainly did not know much about Rett Syndrome before this and I learned it’s a neurological disorder affecting mostly girls robbing them of the ability to speak and walk.  I’m a mom who has had a fairly healthy kid and I’m so grateful for that, and I can’t even begin to imagine with a mom of a Rett girl goes through.  

The goal of this virtual 5k was to try to have most of the runners do their miles on April 8, which would be the same day Team Sparkle would be completing the SoCal Ragnar Relay.  Because I was running a non-virtual 5k that day, I chose to get my miles in the evening of April 4 after the kiddo was in bed for the night.  I strapped on my safety lights and headed out to get in 3.1 around the neighborhood.  The main difference in evening running versus early morning running is sometimes people are outside, especially since it wasn’t fully dark yet.  On my last mile, I passed some folks who noted that my lights were bright, so it’s good to know that people are seeing them.  

I wasn’t trying to push too hard given I knew I had another hilly 5k ahead of me, but I finished in 39:36 nonetheless.  I definitely am feeling stronger and was thrilled to get my miles in for a good cause.  Have you ever run a virtual race?  Do you ever run for a cause?


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