April goal update

Mileage for April:  13.83 run and 3.5 walk for a total of 17.33 miles.

Yes, I’m keeping it real.  And I’ll even admit 6+ of the run miles probably are more walk miles since they were in the Color Run with the kiddo and on my obstacle run.  But, there was running involved, so they are in the run section.  April was the most miserable month for me.  It started out strong with a fun day at the Color Run and a virtual 5k.  When I awoke the morning before my timed race for the month, that’s when it all started going downhill.

I suffer from allergies.  Allergies that have gotten progressively worse and resulted in an insane amount of nasty sinus infections over the past few years.  I went to an ENT about a year and a half ago, got tested, found out I was either mildy or moderately allergic to darn near every environmental thing out there.  And that included dogs and cats, which I have both.  The ENT suggested allergy drops as an alternative for weekly shots and not having to go into the office weekly (or deal with needles) won me over.  I have had two nasty sinus infections since starting the drops and they were over a year apart.  Definite improvement over every couple of months if you ask me.

Due to the unseasonably warm February that my inner Florida girl loved, everything in Georgia started blooming early and often.  Pollen counts were ridiculous.  The drainage I felt on April 8 felt like it was stuck in my left ear and I went to my primary doctor the following Tuesday.  He said ear infection and prescribed basic antibiotics.  I was exhausted and all I wanted to do once I got home from work was sleep.  I had an eight hour road trip to St. Louis the next weekend and we made all sessions of the NCAA gymnastics championships and kept Saturday low key with friends.  The antibiotics didn’t seem to make me feel any better and the ear was still clogged.

I scheduled an ENT appointment and he assured me nothing was structurally wrong with my ear and because the fluid was clear, it was viral and the antibiotics were not doing anything for me.  He said it would drain on it’s own.  I was still drained of energy, thus barely making it through work and not having time for working out, reading or anything else fun.  I pushed through and did my obstacle run on the 22nd (spoiler alert, I did almost all the obstacles) and after a generous afternoon nap to make the evening Sister Hazel concert, I woke up the next morning feeling like I was run over by a truck.  Mind you, all I drank was water, so it was definitely not from drinking too much!

I went back to my preferred primary doctor who told me my ear was infected and she prescribed a z-pack, so I got something much stronger than the first antibiotic.  I finally started to feel a little better by the end of the week and attempted yoga on the 30th.  I felt like I was going to die doing it, but a few hours later, I suddenly felt more energized.  I also missed a step going downstairs and tweaked my foot, but all seems to be good a week later.  It’s still sore, but I can run!

While I’m going to spoil May, my week at work started out crazy, hence why I try to make time to workout, so I only pushed through some yoga as I didn’t want to totally kill  myself.  The good news is while I struggled to do a two mile run this morning, I managed to do it and my energy levels feel back to normal.  And the drainage in my ear finally disappeared this past week!

I’m looking forward to getting out there for the rest of May, getting miles in (Peachtree training started with that two mile struggle today), and maybe even catching up a few of the miles I’m now behind on for the yearly goal.  Let’s just say allergies suck and I hope that being outside all day tomorrow doesn’t send my body into a fit like it did two weekends ago.


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