Tunes Tuesday – Current Favorites

Today is Tunes Tuesday and I’m linking up with Kim from Kooky Runner, Steff from Run Steff Run and Janelle from Run With No Regrets.  Today’s topic is current favorites.  One of my current favorites has been a favorite for over 13 years now and that is Matt Nathanson.  Matt is a singer songwriter from San Francisco who is pretty amazing to me.  If you are not familiar with him, you may know the song that became a pretty big hit back in 2008 (I think, I suck at remembering specific years now).  That song was Come On Get Higher.

Matt released an album about a year and a half ago called Show Me Your Fangs which includes two of my favorites on my running playlist, Giants and Headphones.  Giants just has one of the most uplifting choruses and Headphones is a song that always motivates me during a run.


One of my very favorites is an oldie, but goodie called Suspended.

Do you have any long time favorites on your running mix?


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