Gone for a Run One Awesome Mother Runner Virtual 5k

Virtual runs tend to suck me in for cool medals and great causes.  For the second year in a row, the sparkly medal for the Mother’s Day virtual 5k for Gone for a Run made me want to complete this virutal 5k.  I’m a mom and I like sparkle, so it’s perfect.  This year’s charity was Star, a charity who serves people of all ages with developmental disabilities.

Being that I had a big day at Six Flags on Mother’s Day, the official start of the virtual timeframe, I got in my 3.1 miles the next evening.  May was a month of comeback for me as April was a month spent fighting off allergies and sickness.  However, because of the comeback and running in the warmer temps for the first time, my pace suffered.  This run was one of the first where I saw an elevated heart rate that I needed to slow down some for.  But like the awesome mother runner that I am, I pushed through and finished, even if my time was 19 seconds worse than my worst running 5k race time.

Virtual runs are great for everyone, especially if you can’t get out to run a race with other people and earning bling is extra motivation.  Have you completed a virtual run?


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