Peachtree Junior 2017 – earning the medal edition

May 13 would end up not being a day meant for either my daughter or I to run.  I was originally signed up for the Dirty Girl mud run, but it got cancelled a month before due to a change in their business model. It was bad business, in my opinion, but it enabled me to sign the kiddo up for the Peachtree Junior put on by the Atlanta Track Club.  It is held at Piedmont Park with a 50 meter, 1/2k and 3k and gives kids their own Peachtree experience.  Unfortunately gathering in Piedmont Park didn’t happen due to the threat of pop up thunderstorms.

Although the storms never materialized, I am fine with the Atlanta Track Club’s decision to err on the side of caution.  This was an event geared towards children and the active oval is not an area with a lot of shelter easily accessible.  Safety should and did need to take precedence.

Thanks to some super speedy mailing, we got the medal in the mail on Wednesday since I had picked up the t-shirt and bib the day before the cancelled event.  Like a lot of runners out there who want to earn medals by completing their mileage, I headed out with the kiddo and I got the 1/2k in with her running in our neighborhood.  While we didn’t get the fun Saturday morning experience, I was able to instill the lesson medals are always earned and have a fun run with my girl.


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