May goal update 

Mileage for May – 20.82 running, 11 walking. Total 31.82.

May will be known as the month of comeback and challenges.  I got my mileage in to stay on track for May totals, but I had a few rough runs for the first third of the month. I’m not sure if it was the warmer weather or if I pushed myself too hard, but I was having issues keeping a reasonable heart rate for running that caused me to walk a lot more.  One evening I was running two miles and I had to slow to a 15 minute mile pace that night.  It was a rough go the first 20 days of May, which included my race for the month. I honestly was questioning why I run, but I don’t give up on things I love that easily.

Thank goodness the last 11 days of the month got much better.  I even got in my first 4 mile run in two months at a 13:29 pace.  It was an unusually cold morning with temps in the low 50s, but it was the confidence booster that I needed.  

I’m still working to finish Yoga Camp and I’d like to finish this by the end of June.  I’ve also started making Pump part of my routine two days a week.  I can feel my strength improving and I know this will help me improve my running.  

I know I need to be patient given May was a comeback month and the first hot temperatures of the year.  I kept at it and worked through a rough few weeks!  Keep it up no matter what challenges you face, y’all!


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