July goal update

Run miles – 21, Walk miles – 11.34 for a total of 32.34 miles.  I’m staying on track wth my mile per day by whatever method goal.

I do have to confess there probably should be a different split since my Peachtree miles are in the run column and I know that was way more walking than running, but at least I did run some of it.  July was a four race month, a new record for me, and I covered four different distances, the 10k, 4 miler, 6k and 5k.   It feels like this month had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  

The lows were obviously being sick for the Peachtree and fighting the heat for the Heroes 6k, but another low that I’m fighting is a calf muscle that wants to permanently stay tight.  Ever since the Peachtree, I can feel the knot, more often than I can’t feel the knot.  I’m stretching, foam rolling and having my massage therapist tackle this biweekly, so I’m throwing what I can at this.  The worst part is that this is affecting my plantar fascia as I feel a huge release when I work the calf knot out.  After being sick the first part of July, this has limited my running since the 4 miler.  This may just be something I have to manage going forward as I work toward my 10k on Labor Day and half marathon training.  

The highest of highs have been coming within 18 seconds of my four miler PR and getting my fastest 70+ degree 5k that didn’t have Vinings Downhill in the title.  I was having a high heart rate day that I managed for the four miler and I’m convinced intervals are what is making me a better runner.  When I started running, my goal was to run without walk breaks and prior to last year’s stress fracture, I can’t say that the majority of my races were 100% running.  I started with intervals last November when I was making a comeback in 10 weeks from zero miles to 9.3.  I have gone from 30/30 to 1:15/30 and the only reason I haven’t bumped up further is my calf issue.  Now I can run longer than 1:15 and so in races if I can’t get a walk break in the early race crush or if there are good downhills or if I’m close to the end.  When I did the Dog Days 5k, it had a mostly uphill third mile and was the one that was in the sun.  If I didn’t have the walk break built in, I don’t know if I would have finished as strong and as fast.  Keeping my run intervals as a steady push up those hills knowing the walk break would come was huge for me mentally.  While my legs and lungs were screaming, I can do anything for one minute and fifteen seconds.  I know there may be runners out there that scoff at the intervals, but they are working wonders for me.  And given that I’m dealing with this calf issue, it’s likely helping me manage this injury better.  

I finally finished Yoga Camp and I’m back to picking and choosing yoga videos from Yoga With Adriene’s collection.  I’m super partial to Yoga for Runners and Yoga for Anxiety.  I also want to at least get two cross training sessions in a week with Pump.  I know strengthening my muscles will be a key with my end of year running goals.  I also need to be better about getting Combat in as I did a few workouts and I realized how much I miss my kicking and punching.

I alluded to finding a better balance in my June goal update and I feel like I have done that for July and into August.  I’ll leave you with these words – remember that your best is your best and not what someone else thinks your best should be.


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