About me

The short story – I’m Reca Porter, a wife and mom in Atlanta who took up running in late 2014 that started as a challenge for me to just run a 5k. I’m now hooked on running and running races, even though I’ll never probably be fast enough to win my age group. I don’t have the body of a typical runner and I want to show people that anyone can get out there and run. Slow miles are still miles.

The long story – I was convinced running was too hard on the knees and there was no way I should run.  I had plenty of amazing cardio classes at the gym without the impact. After I had my daughter, I was gym membership-less for the first time in six years and I thought couch to 5k could make me a runner. I pushed too hard and end up injuring my knee and was actually diagnosed with pretty bad arthritis and told I should never run. I was sad to have wasted money on the paid version of the couch to 5k app.  A new gym opened later that year, I joined and got back into my classes with elliptical cross training.  I felt I was kicking butt on the elliptical, so I figured I could try to run once a month or so with a 5k race.  

Bwhahaha.  The Atlanta area has this thing called hills that the hill program on the elliptical can’t prepare you for.  And running is a tad bit different, too. I ran (and walked a lot) of my first attempt at running a 5k on December 6, 2014.  I loved the experience despite running this race in the rain in 50 degree temperatures. And despite the fact my quads hurt for days afterwards.  I decided it was time to make use of the couch to 5k app and listen to my body this time, even if it meant running only two days a week.  

And so it began. Over a year later, I still have the running bug!


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